Why I love and use plant dyes


Other than the fact that we are saving the planet by avoiding harsh chemicals we are also considering those on the receiving end of the products. The bubbas! Photo props are often their first point of fabric contact in the first few weeks so as natural as possible is a must! Plus its reassuring to the parents who walk into your studio knowing you've sourced the safest photo props

And secondly nothing dyes as good as plant dye does.. ever! Trust me I've tried! 

Something awesome about natural dyes is that many of the ingredients could be found right the fridge (a great way to clean out scraps of food and not just bin it) or backyard! Roots, nuts and flowers yes they are all useable 

Here are some of my secret ingredients

 Eucalyptus (all parts, leaves and bark=rustic brown)

Butternut squash husks (yellow/orange)

Dandelion roots (brown)

Bougainvillea (pink)

Walnut hulls (brown)

Lavender (pink)

Any red leaf (reddish brown) 

Quite simply I chop the plant into small pieces and place in a pot, bring to the boil, strain and ta daaa its ready! The smell is also amazing too especially the Eucalyptus 

Most of my rompers, wraps and fleece are all plant dyed. I also dye some of the stretch jersey tiebacks too.  Check out the range in store now


All dyed fabric should washed by hand in cold water and separately.

The colour may (run but this will not affect the vintage look) for this reason I suggest you wear rubber gloves

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